Temperature zones and settings

A wine cabinet allows you to set the precise temperature you want for your wine. Our wine cabinets come with either one or two temperature zones and each temperature zone can be regulated separately. This ensures that your sparkling, white or red wine is always ready to serve and at the right serving temperature. Wine served at the right temperature provides a better taste, aroma and wine experience!

One temperature zone

If your wine cabinet has one temperature zone, you can set the temperature between 5 and 20°C. If you are storing both red and white (and sparkling) wine in your wine cabinet, we recommend setting the temperature to 12°C.

Two temperature zones

In a wine cabinet with two temperature zones, the different zones are physically separated by a horizontal barrier in the wine cabinet. This allows you to have two different temperatures and to store white wine and red wine, for example, in separate zones. There must be a minimum difference of 1°C between the two temperature zones, so you cannot set both zones to 12°C at the same time.

The right wine storage temperature
in the wine cabinet

Here are our tips on the temperature you should set in your wine cabinet. Remember that wine quickly rises in temperature once you have taken the bottle out of the wine cabinet.

White wine and sparkling wines

Set the temperature in the wine cabinet to 6°C

Red wine and fortified wines

Set the temperature zone to 14°C

All types of wines and long-term storage

If you have both white wine and red wine in the same temperature zone, or you want to store your wine for a long time, we recommend setting the temperature to 12°C

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