Largest supplier of wine cabinets in the Nordics

Here at Temptech, we are proud to be the largest supplier of wine cabinets in the Nordic region. Since our launch in 2004, we have led the market and been a driving force for innovative product development.

We are constantly expanding our range of wine cabinets and can now offer more than 75 different wine cabinet models. In line with new EU requirements in 2021 for electronic products, we have upgraded all our wine cabinets to make them among the most energy efficient on the market.

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Christoffer Hamer (CEO)
Temptech AS

Here at Temptech, we are experts in wine cabinets and the proper storage of wine. With more than 15 years of experience and over 75 different wine cabinet models, we can safely call ourselves the Nordic wine cabinet expert!

Norwegian manufacturer

Temptech is a Norwegian manufacturer of appliances, with a focus on wine cabinets. Our head office and warehouse are located in Stokke, Norway. Our products are designed and developed in Norway and manufactured in China using carefully selected components.

Wide range

No other supplier can offer as many different wine cabinet models as we can. With over 75 different wine cabinets in various price ranges, colours, sizes and capacities, you will easily find a wine cabinet to suit your needs.

15 years of experience

In 2019, Temptech turned 15. Over the years, we have evolved to become an expert on wine cabinets. All along the way we have led the market and been a driving force for innovative product development, devoting our time to what we like the most: wine and wine storage.


Temptech Facts

• Head office and warehouse in Stokke, Norway
• Established in 2004
• Sales teams throughout the Nordics
• 2,000 distributors in 20 countries
• 25 employees
• Sales of EUR 10 million in 2020